Update on Equestria Girls


camtheman: Thanks TTT for my card <3 Dec 20, 2014 15:54:01 GMT
sparkler: yay!!!!! christmas ponycon pre-hype! Dec 19, 2014 9:07:15 GMT
snitch567: I cant wait for ponycon 15 <3 am getting hyped Dec 18, 2014 21:23:57 GMT
pinkkittywinks: You guys are well ahead of the game!!! Dec 18, 2014 21:04:46 GMT
Sprintex: Not the only one, started on mine a week after this year's PonyCon (rofl) Dec 18, 2014 19:54:11 GMT
sparkler: go for it! Dec 18, 2014 19:24:15 GMT
waterfire: I had ideas, so I got to planning! Dec 18, 2014 8:43:57 GMT
daisyd: LOL, that's what I call forward planning :D Dec 17, 2014 23:51:14 GMT
waterfire: So many things I should be doing, but instead I'm on ebay planning out cosplay for NEXT YEAR'S Ponycon! :D I'm a bit excited... Dec 17, 2014 21:26:04 GMT
camtheman: Awesome art hahaha Dec 17, 2014 18:25:32 GMT
sosoftbuttons: I like the artwork festivities :) Dec 14, 2014 14:04:52 GMT
Sprintex: Yay! Festive PonyCon forum :)) Dec 12, 2014 22:41:05 GMT
daisyd: :D Dec 11, 2014 17:28:19 GMT
tinrobo: Your eyes are welcome :p Dec 11, 2014 14:46:24 GMT
daisyd: I did think it seemed a bit more muted. My eyes thank you for it! Dec 11, 2014 14:01:53 GMT
tinrobo: No problem - glad you like it! I had my monitor brightness turned down really low last night so I didn't really see how bright it was! Still tweaking a few bits so you might notice little things suddenly changing! ^^; Dec 11, 2014 13:39:37 GMT
savetheponies: Thanks that is SO much nicer for my eyes :D and it is still pretty ;) Dec 11, 2014 13:34:17 GMT
CuteHornyUnicorn: I agree with STP, I think the background could be darker (maybe night theme? ;) ) or at least different shade, which wouldn't be that much of pain for my eyes. It's still awesome though :) Dec 11, 2014 0:19:49 GMT
tinrobo: I'll get on it tomorrow STP ;) x Dec 10, 2014 21:15:43 GMT
savetheponies: I love the theme, it's really pretty - but the colours are hurting my eyes - I'm not sure what exactly the contrast between colours? Maybe it would be possible to put a boarder around the central white posts? Thanks xxx Dec 10, 2014 21:07:04 GMT