Update on Equestria Girls


bradofwales: Yes I know of the private car park but I was wondering if that one is also charged as they didn't answer me that on the phone ??? Aug 1, 2014 12:56:57 GMT
StrawberryMeadow: - the receptionist told me they have a private car park behind the hotel. The website also states it's private and lit. Aug 1, 2014 12:52:22 GMT
bradofwales: Haha finally after all planning finally got rocksmith 2014 to work on the pc, now if we wanted to we can show how bad we can be on the guitars. 8D Aug 1, 2014 12:37:01 GMT
pinkkittywinks: Check in TWO for the custom fundraising! Jul 31, 2014 15:58:17 GMT
bradofwales: Is this the car park of the hotel or the one about a 150yards away from the hotel (tomtom is being helpful planning) Jul 30, 2014 22:52:03 GMT
daisyd: Hey guys, if any of you were donating things for the jar, please could you PM me as is not currently able to read her PMs. Thank you all! Jul 30, 2014 15:13:43 GMT
StrawberryMeadow: Hotel Booked! a heads up for sellers: the car park is £7 a night, you can pay when you arrive, and you can unload by the back of the hotel, where the car park is (unlike last year when everyone was in a tiny taxi lane!) xx HERPDERP Jul 29, 2014 10:12:19 GMT
Cubey: I know I can't go sleep until it's cool down or after 12am BWAHAHA Jul 25, 2014 22:13:16 GMT
daisyd: Sleep is for the weak *nods* I don't need no sleep...... Jul 23, 2014 23:56:09 GMT
bradofwales: Yea I went for the internet deal an gone for 3 nights supposedly on the phone friday didn't count or something about that they didn't know cant remember. Jul 23, 2014 13:38:25 GMT
tinrobo: Sorry to hear you had trouble with the phone booking - glad you got it sorted though! :) Jul 22, 2014 17:05:41 GMT
hampshirebrony: Thanks. That was an annoyingly long phone call, I had to repeat everything at least once, and the call handler gave up on my first name, instead going for first letter. Still, all sorted now. Jul 21, 2014 13:37:11 GMT
camtheman: yes there is, you can find details here: http://www.ukponycon.co.uk/acc.html Jul 20, 2014 11:21:48 GMT
hampshirebrony: Is there a room deal with Mercure? Jul 20, 2014 2:49:18 GMT
unicorncandy: 22 Degrees here daisyd - don't worry, I think we're all melting. Jul 18, 2014 12:32:20 GMT
daisyd: So hot...think I'm going to melt *gah* Jul 18, 2014 12:19:24 GMT
StrawberryMeadow: Guys, just a heads up, MOO are having 25% off their products until the 21st, so if you need stationary or business cardss for PonyCon, now is the perfect time. I loooooooooooooooooove MOO cards <3 (zzz) Jul 18, 2014 8:28:43 GMT
sparkler: LOL you should check out some of our army-pics (mine are here http://ponyconvention.proboards.com/thread/11990/updated-army-pics-round-sparkler), I'd call it a shrine straight away (fits the purpose better ;)) Jul 16, 2014 8:19:26 GMT
hampshirebrony: At what point does "having a large collection of one pony" stop and "having a shrine to that pony" begin? Jul 15, 2014 16:06:05 GMT
hampshirebrony: catra: I look like I should be your bodyguard or something! Jul 14, 2014 10:36:05 GMT