Update on Equestria Girls


tinrobo: snazzy! haha Jul 9, 2014 17:37:36 GMT
sparkler: love your outfits! Jul 9, 2014 7:15:46 GMT
hampshirebrony: Now to get this lot cleaned and packed ready for PonyCon https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/6voan1o834q67o2/DSC_0767.JPG Jul 8, 2014 15:18:25 GMT *
hampshirebrony: That's the name I couldn't remember :) Jul 5, 2014 20:10:24 GMT
sparkler: catra is at the crystal fair too - if you meet her say hi from me! Jul 5, 2014 20:06:11 GMT
hampshirebrony: I'll have some photos up somewhere once I get back to the UK Jul 5, 2014 19:58:50 GMT
hampshirebrony: Crystal Fair is good fun, my feet are suffering from it a bit! There's another person from here up here, can't remember her name. Jul 5, 2014 19:58:24 GMT
daisyd: CONTEST CATEGORIES are now announced! Jul 5, 2014 16:09:14 GMT
sparkler: oh wow, hampshirebrony - crystal fair??? how was it?? pictures!!!!!! Jul 5, 2014 16:00:23 GMT
hampshirebrony: I've been ponying hard in Finland this weekend! W00000000t Jul 5, 2014 14:40:15 GMT
daisyd: So tired *yawns* Jul 4, 2014 22:33:55 GMT
sparkler: (rofl) Jul 4, 2014 13:30:42 GMT
Archer: Already started on my prep for the contests I want to enter :D Going on the fact that several contest have run every single year is a good indication of what might be happening :) Jul 4, 2014 10:34:21 GMT
daisyd: We're hoping to announce the contests categories really soon, just waiting on some final checks to make sure all is as it should be with the categories ^^ Jul 3, 2014 20:58:45 GMT
aflame: I want to but I dont know what comps there is yet ! Jul 3, 2014 16:51:49 GMT *
tinrobo: I thought about starting, but we have people staying for the nearly all of July so I'll start my prep in August! Jul 3, 2014 8:09:10 GMT
sparkler: Sorry I don't have any. Is anyone else busy with stall preparations already? Jul 2, 2014 16:43:43 GMT
artistclaire: Anyone selling or know if anyone has got any fashion star fillies and would sell them to me at the pony con xx :) Jul 1, 2014 11:53:19 GMT
sparkler: YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I am sooooo excited too! Will clean some more ponies for my stall later... Jul 1, 2014 8:52:30 GMT
waterfire: Just booked my coach tickets! Travel, entry and accommodation are now all sorted! BRING IT ON! Jun 30, 2014 19:41:37 GMT