Update on Equestria Girls


camtheman: you're missing the short tailed rarity blindbag ;) Aug 22, 2014 19:01:10 GMT *
snix: Well, finally bought the plane tickets...¡can´t wait untill october! Aug 22, 2014 10:08:11 GMT
hampshirebrony: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/y437yl7rlqcoyoj/DSC_0282.JPG White horse Aug 21, 2014 21:46:02 GMT
bradofwales: Yea at the moment it seems me and a friend isn't filling the car like its a camping holiday (for a change) HERPDERP Aug 20, 2014 15:51:34 GMT
sparkler: yay! that sounds fab! If not try and start a topic asking if anyone comes your way and could give you a lift. Aug 20, 2014 15:12:21 GMT
bradofwales: You in South Wales? might have space in the back for one more person if me and a friend dont carry too much Aug 20, 2014 13:32:03 GMT
Ponymadforever: Would anyone be able to get me ponies at the con? I cant go :( tried everything to see if I could get there x Aug 20, 2014 6:58:11 GMT
Neonpossum: Good evening all! Aug 19, 2014 22:39:24 GMT
pinkkittywinks: Welcome to the forum Ayla! Xxx Aug 18, 2014 22:44:17 GMT
sparkler: I think it is fine if you do the rehairing (I think a lot of kids cant do it themselves as it is quite tricky). Not sure if we have rules set in stone for that ;-) In the end it is the fun that counts ;-) Aug 16, 2014 7:58:39 GMT
Gaspodé: kids custom contest - do they have to have done it all themselves or can I do the rehair? Aug 15, 2014 18:21:32 GMT
camtheman: shame you cant make it, there will be pics! Aug 14, 2014 18:49:32 GMT
sparkler: yay!!!!!! Aug 11, 2014 15:21:13 GMT
nearlyheadlessnayy: Finally did the deed and brought a new pc! woohoo for proper access to the forum! ;) Aug 11, 2014 13:11:37 GMT
hampshirebrony: Instead of my usual "Get everything ready the day before", I fear I'll need to get everything ready at the start of September, and being that organised scares me greatly! Aug 9, 2014 23:02:41 GMT
hampshirebrony: I'm still worried that I'm going to be so frazzled in mid-October that I'm going to do autopilot and turn up to PonyCon in greens rather than in cosplay. And that would be a Bad Thing (TM) Aug 9, 2014 23:01:43 GMT
aflame: as I cant come this year :( I need every one to take lots of pictures and film specialy of the comp entries and games !!! B-| thanks guys !!! Aug 8, 2014 17:55:35 GMT *
silentshadow: What other locations are ponycons at? Aug 8, 2014 13:51:05 GMT
tinrobo: fixed! yay :D Aug 6, 2014 20:08:11 GMT
Archer: How is it now?? Aug 6, 2014 20:02:47 GMT