sparkler: excellent news!!! Jan 11, 2019 12:06:07 GMT
idris: Yep, they wrote to me to say it had arrived which is excellent :) knowing it is being processed is important to me because the truck bit run out on the 16th. Jan 9, 2019 10:14:14 GMT
sparkler: oh no! hope it turns up! Jan 7, 2019 18:50:41 GMT
idris: That bit where my driving licence isn’t in my wallet, but far away in South Wales (I hope)... Jan 7, 2019 5:37:20 GMT
idris: Optition for renewal of my truck licence. I got old :) doctors later to fill out the healthy bit of the form. Jan 2, 2019 11:07:33 GMT
guidingbreeze: We've extended the deadline for applications to help organise UK PonyCon 2019 to next Saturday to give people more time to apply after the busy holiday season Dec 30, 2018 18:09:49 GMT
Magick: Same here. It was hard but I think we got through it OK. Dec 29, 2018 21:21:25 GMT
pinkkittywinks: The first xmas is always hard xxx Dec 27, 2018 16:43:06 GMT
hawkerhurricane: The first Christmas without my mother. Not much reason to celebrate. Dec 24, 2018 21:50:02 GMT
pinkkittywinks: Happy Christmas eve everyone! Dec 24, 2018 19:09:51 GMT
idris: Oh my gosh it’s the night before the night before Christmas :) Dec 23, 2018 8:43:11 GMT
pinkkittywinks: Exciting times! Dec 14, 2018 14:30:53 GMT
Maz: Applications to join the team are now open! More info here Dec 13, 2018 8:24:19 GMT
MidnightDynasty: Regarding charity shops I'm lucky enough to have one purely for kids so there's lots and lots of toys! Dec 11, 2018 20:53:52 GMT
guidingbreeze: Don't forget we are running our Britannia at Hearthswarming contest just for fun - You can see the album over on facebook here: Dec 8, 2018 12:22:00 GMT
pinkkittywinks: >_< Dec 4, 2018 15:37:53 GMT
sparkler: ha ha where did it go???? Dec 4, 2018 9:32:50 GMT
pinkkittywinks: It's Christmas, but I think something is missing Dec 3, 2018 20:42:52 GMT
sparkler: I don't think they make a lot of money with craft supplies^^ Clothes seem to be the way forward for most of them. Toys are really hard to find in most of mine - and I am sure there is a great surplus of those around everywhere! Nov 30, 2018 16:21:15 GMT
pinkkittywinks: Mine hardly ever ge craft stuff, I'm glad to hear you got some good things xxx Nov 28, 2018 19:48:01 GMT