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Established in 2003, we are a charity fundraising event, held for fans of Hasbro's My Little Pony toy - from 1980 to today.

This forum is the place to get up to the minute news on this year's UK PonyCon, ask questions and chat to fellow convention attendees!


pinkkittywinks: I hope everyone is safe after all the flooding :( Feb 17, 2020 15:04:42 GMT
foxy pawz: keep warm every pony - see ya <3 Jan 21, 2020 11:12:11 GMT
foxy pawz: the wolf has cold pawz? Jan 21, 2020 11:07:45 GMT
foxy pawz: hospital app today and my bike has a puncture :-/ hey get a taxi yah- but then gotta a 2 mile walk back from the bus stop he he Jan 21, 2020 11:03:39 GMT
pinkkittywinks: *sharpens her fangs* Jan 13, 2020 20:36:12 GMT
sparkler: "howling at the moons" Jan 13, 2020 20:06:37 GMT
foxy pawz: yeah I've changed my name again sorry - hey who wants a roast dinner.? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :o Jan 9, 2020 13:37:07 GMT
foxy pawz: just thanx to ponycon for the con book, and a happy new year Jan 9, 2020 13:30:41 GMT
hampshirebrony: It's fun to scroll the forum quickly with the new background! Jan 8, 2020 22:36:13 GMT
pinkkittywinks: I thought she might ;) Jan 6, 2020 23:32:49 GMT
singlesadact: HQG1C Batty Boo likes this Jan 6, 2020 22:44:16 GMT
pinkkittywinks: ooooh new forum theme, I really hope you like it, any issues please tell me, I don't want to give people a headache or make something no one can read easily. Jan 6, 2020 20:27:04 GMT
pinkkittywinks: Happy New Year xxx Jan 2, 2020 2:57:55 GMT
sparkler: Happy New Year!!!!!!! Jan 1, 2020 8:17:47 GMT
pinkkittywinks: Merry Christmas :) Dec 20, 2019 13:35:20 GMT
sparkler: Ho Ho Ho Dec 20, 2019 10:14:01 GMT
sparkler: Ooooooh I heard lots of good things about it! Nov 26, 2019 14:18:28 GMT
foxy pawz: have a great night everyone-see ya- btw saw FROZEN 2 AT THE WEEKEND - YAH 8-) Nov 25, 2019 20:24:45 GMT
foxy pawz: be cool if I could get some stuff like last year from the con as I was unable to attend- really wanna do next year :) Nov 25, 2019 20:23:00 GMT
pinkkittywinks: I saw some slap bands in H&M yesterday. Nov 14, 2019 14:55:52 GMT